La Cresta Geotechnical Services

La Cresta Geotechnical Engineering strives to provide our clients with excellent, personalized and professional geotechnical services in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner.

La Cresta Geotechnical works as your geotechnical consultants to solve your geotechnical engineering issues and challenges. Our experience allows us to provide you with knowledgeable services. Over 26 years in the geotechnical field, you can trust our experience as professionals in all areas of service provided:

• Property Evaluations and Assessments.
• Perform Percolation Testing Services in the
    counties of San Diego, Riverside
    and Los Angeles.
• Compaction Testing & Reports.
• Site Investigations.
• Natural Disaster Analysis.
• New Development and Re-Development.
• Soil Analysis Reports.
• Septic Systems Design.
• Moisture Drainage Concerns.
• Grading Plans.
• Geologic Logging Soil Samples & Rock Cores.

Other services available:

• Property evaluations and risk assessment.
• Natural disaster analysis.
• Moisture drainage inspections.
• New development & redevelopment.
• Erosion and slope issues.
• Expansive soil and settlement.
• Cracking issues.
• Soil analysis reports.

La Cresta Geotechnical serves:

• Builders and developers.
• Commercial and Residential.
• Insurance adjustors.
• Architects and Civil Engineers.
• Home owners.
• Litigation evidentury process.


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